Long waves and crises

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1. The possibility of crisis, Karl Marx, « Capital ». (extract)

2. Ernest Mandel Introduction to Karl Marx “Capital”, Volume 3, (extract)

3. Leon Trotsky, « The Curve of Capitalist Development » (1923) (extract)

4. Long waves and productive orders (a commentary of Christian Barsoc) (extract)

5. « Capitalism, Global Slump & the New Normal, by Andrew Sernatinger and Tessa Echeverria, David McNally

6. « The bourgeoisie creates a world after its own image », K. Marx & F. Engels, Communist manifesto, 1848 (extract)

7. Andrea Dijkstra «  Ethiopia: Low Wages Draw International Textile Companies to the Country « 

8. IMF Perspectives , October 2016 (extract)

9. Les coordonnées de la crise qui vient, Michel Husson, A l’encontre, 23 Octobre 2015 (extract)

10. Tom Bramble: China stock market crash shows madness of the market (extract)

11. Richard Smith: China's Communist-Capitalist Ecological Apocalypse (extract)


12. François Chesnais: The present course of capitalism and the outlook for civilized human society